Our mission is to help
companies to control and manage their risks.

iRISK is a market leader in providing a new generation of risk management software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. Our goal is to support and help organisations to drive forward.

Here's What Our Clients Think

"We Choose iRISK for their excellent market and business knowledge and the fact that they could tailor their system's solutions to our exact needs. They know what they are talking about, but more importantly, they know what we're talking about!"

Nicholas Marthin
Head of Energy Sourcing, Norsk Hydro

When You Have Better Access To Information
It Equals Better Decisions.

In today's markets, this can make all the difference to your companies growth and success.


iRISK Manager

Software that automates the management of different types of commodities, instruments and currencies - enabling traders and risk managers to focus on evaluating and analysing portfolio exposure and strategies.



iRISK Analyser

Tailored software that takes the number-crunching out of the market analysis; this innovative tool takes on the huge task of collecting, analyzing and presenting curve data-freeing your organisation to focus on growing the business.



iRISK Trader

Our trading platform is designed to give you access to all your exchanges as well as OTC market from a single screen. It's technology gives you access anywhere and on any device so you can manage your trading efficiently.